This is the most beautiful Prime you'll ever see.


Evolution of Elegance

Prime 3.2 is powered by Androidâ„¢, the most popular operating system for mobile devices. With Prime, we have changed the way you look at your phone.

Runs Android Nougat

Prime 3.2 now runs Android Nougat, bringing new features to your device. From app permissions to new under-the-hood changes, Prime ensues a ton of surprises to you.


Forget the way you see your phone before. Prime is inspired by the most beautiful user experince for mobile devices, the Samsung Experience Shell. With Prime, get the beauty of an S8, without having to buy one.

Revolution of Power

Prime runs with the latest kernel and optimizations. And with AddONs and Themes, you get the power to be unique.

More Optimized

Prime 3.2 runs with the latest Liquid+ kernel with optimizations, delivering better device performance and battery life.

Faster Internet

Meet 4G-on-3G, a new feature that enables LTE on 3G-capable devices running Prime. Resulting to faster internet and downloads.


More Powerful

With Icon Packs and the new AddONs, making your device unique. Just download, apply, done!

Friendly for Developers

With AROMA and the APIs available on XDA, developing and recovering is much easier with Prime.


Revolution of Security

Reduce the worry of vulnerabilities and security. With Prime 3.2, updates are now a tap away.

Hybrid Developers' Excellence

Hybrid Developers is known for its timely updates on its ROMs, and Prime is no exception. Periodical updates, to monthly security updates secures your device right when you need it.

Multiple Layers of Security

Prime 3.2 is a revolution in security. With multiple layers of security, Prime is more secured from the kernel up.


Prime is free, for you, and for the community. Always.

Completely Free

From the ROM, Google Experience, to the AddONs. Prime will always be free. And with free updates, you will always be updated to the latest features, to new experiences.

Guaranteed Support

No more taps to do just to get support. From our e-mail, Telegram, to XDA, even our Facebook pages. Support is always guaranteed.

A partner? Porter?

Simply contact us! We will gladly take your hard work into reality. Your ported version of Prime will be an Official part to the Prime family of devices, meaning that support will be greatly official, including timely security updates for your port.


Ready to meet your new ROM?

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